Easter Island, Chile, South Pacific. Me and a giant Moai monolithic statue at Rano Raraku

Dominica, Caribbean. Between 82 and 915 celsius around the edges, the Boiling Lake is the second largest hot spring in the World!

Giza, Egypt. Standing on one of the 23 million blocks of limestone and granite that make up the mighty Pyramid of Cheops

Shigatse, Tibet, China. At the Tashilhunpo monastery, enjoying the buddhist art of the Kelsang temple

Mexico city, Mexico. At a lucha libre Mexican wrestling match. The masked Nick nacho fights again

Moorea, French Polynesia, South Pacific. Rory Nui volcanic peak from the belvedere viewpoint

Lukla, Nepal. High in the himalayas with a runway length of only 460 metres, I was relieved to have landed safely at the Worlds most dangerous airport

Beijing, Mutianyu, China. A very thin me at the incredible Great Wall of China, which is 13,170 miles long

Paradise Harbour, Antarctica. Protecting the Gentoo penguins at the Chilean Gonzalez Videla Antarctic base

Rongbuk Monastery, Tibet, China. Freezing and struggling to breathe, I reach the Worlds highest temple at 16,700 ft. Mount Everest looms in the background

St.Maarten, Caribbean. The incredible Maho beach where 747 Jumbo jets scrape your head as they land at Princess Juliana International airport

Stockholm, Sweden. In the old town of Gamla Stan with the statue of the national bard Evert Taube