Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. On Wednesday, May 22nd at 7 am, I reached the highest point in Africa! Mount Kilimanjaro was a beast but I summited after just 3 and a half days! It was the toughest challenge ever. Hakuna Matata!!!

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe. After swimming across the mighty Zambezi river, I foolishly hung over the famous falls!

Mexico city, Mexico. At the Aztec stadium, witnessing where Diego Maradonas Hand of God took place

Grand Canyon, USA. The Hualapai tribes breath taking Skywalk which hangs over the edge of the canyon and looks straight down to the Colorado river

Stromboli, Italy. A great hike to the top of this none stop Volcano, witnessing the lighthouse of the Mediterranean in all its glory

Kanchanaburi, Thailand. On my 39th birthday with Rachel and Tom taking a cool ride with Nellie

Vienna, Austria. The final resting place of famed composer Johann Strauss at the Zentralfriedhof cemetery

Alice Springs, Australia. I took the famous Ghan train from Adelaide to Alice which lasted 25 hours and travelled 1,559km :)